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Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem eLearning: "Verhandeln kompakt"

Unser eLearning „Verhandeln Kompakt“ richtet sich grundsätzlich an alle Menschen, die in ihrem beruflichen oder privaten Alltag verhandeln müssen. Verhandelt wird überall, sei es um einen neuen Arbeits- oder Mietvertrag, beim Autokauf oder im Arbeitsverhältnis. Entwickeln Sie in diesem Kurs neue Fähigkeiten und lernen Taktiken kennen und anwenden, die Ihre Verhandlungen effizienter und erfolgreicher machen.

Verhandeln kompakt besteht aus 9 Modulen.

Jedes Modul dauert ca. 45 min und ist in deutscher Sprache.

Negotiation Compact

New to negotiations? Maybe a little in awe of them? Haven't had any training on the subject yet?

"Negotiation Compact" is your practical guide to getting more out of your negotiations. The course gives you a comprehensive introduction to the subject; from negotiation strategies and tactics, how to plan and structure them, using persuasion techniques and dealing with more difficult people.

The 9 pre-recorded 'lectures' can be watched or even re-watched over a 12-month period. Quiz questions at the end of each module also help you test your knowledge on the subject.

Wait no longer- get started with our online training "Negotiation Compact". Whether you negotiate privately or for business, you can gain more confidence, improve the negotiation process and achieve better results in your future discussions. 


Welcome to our Video-Tutorial "Persuasion in Negotiation"

As a negotiator, it's important to be able to be persuasive as well as recognising any manipulation tactics of the other party. Our course "Persuasion in Negotiation" is divided into 6 chapters and based upon the main categories in persuasion identified by Professor Robert Cialdini. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, negotiating in business or in private, we wish to offer you an insight into how these principles work as well as what to watch out for when negotiating. 

View the chapters in any order you like - at the end of each, you'll find a little quiz, just to test you newly-gained knowledge on the subject.

This is the English language version of the tutorial.

Total length: Approx. 2 hours.



Welcome to our comprehensive training program on the fundamentals of negotiation. Negotiation is more than just bartering or striking a deal; it's a nuanced skill that requires understanding, strategy, and adaptability. Whether you're in sales, purchasing, or simply navigating day-to-day life, the ability to negotiate effectively can make a profound difference in achieving favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

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